About Our Program

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and approach to working with young women is guided by three constructs: evidence-based cognitive behavioral approaches, gender-specific and trauma informed programming, and state-of-the-art services. Our staff believe an effective program and service delivery must build on the strengths that students already possess, and provide them with the skills and opportunities to re-direct their behavior. At the same time, JWWJ emphasizes the importance of providing a trauma-informed, safe setting that promotes learning, growth and change.

Program Overview

Walter Wood, Jr. Residential Treatment Facility (JWW) is a child caring residential facility and school serving young women ages 14 to 18, and is state-owned and operated by Rite of Passage under contract with Alabama Department of Youth Services. Rite of Passage is a nationally recognized organization that operates a continuum of youth programs in multiple states.
JWW serves young women who have been committed to the Alabama Department of Youth Services, offering a least restrictive academic model with a campus-like milieu that promotes diverse social and educational interactions essential to the competency and development of students.
Additional JWW features include:

  • Gender-specific and culturally competent services
  • Cognitive behavioral approach within a normalized academic environment
  • Year-round education in collaboration with Montgomery County Board of Education
  • 1:8 staff to youth ratio
  • Individualized treatment plans and access to mental health and substance abuse service services
  • In-house Therapeutic Managers
  • Substance Abuse and Seeking Safety curriculum

Therapeutic and Case Management Services

Each young woman is assigned a Therapeutic Manager who provides individual counseling, designs a prescriptive treatment plan in collaboration with the student and family, and provides comprehensive case management services. All students participate in core groups and have the opportunity to attend specialized groups based on individual needs. Each student also has access to psychiatric services and access to receive treatment by a licensed medical practitioner.

Family Engagement

Visitations and family treatment services are responsive to the unique needs of all students and their families. Families and guardians are involved throughout the entire program through family therapy, involvement in treatment and transition planning and visitations.

  • Family Treatment Services. This focuses on issues that may include significant relationship disruptions, issues of abuse and relational aggression involving the young woman.
  • Case Management Communication. Parents are involved in the treatment planning process, and the staff will communicate with the parents via email or telephone each week.
  • Visitations. Weekly family visits are offered to allow the student to spend quality time with the family.

Education Services

Students attend an on-site, year-round school in collaboration with Montgomery County Board of Education, which is compliant with Federal and Alabama state laws and regulations. The school program is designed to meet the individual education needs of each student, and provide them with educational tracks toward earning their high school diploma or GED.
The CTE curriculum is structured in a modular fashion to allow for open enrollment with students exiting and entering throughout the year. All students will receive a CPR and First Aide Certification and have the opportunity to participate in the following five CTE pathways:

  • Career Readiness
  • Computer Technology I
  • Computer Technology II
  • On-Line Course access

Service Learning Projects and Community Service

Community resources and assets are accessed to help our young women to discard delinquent and anti-social behavior. Using this approach, JWWJ strives to rebuild the relationships youth have with their community by connecting them to community resources.

Recreational Programming

The JWWJ recreation program is designed to promote healthy, positive lifestyle choices while also emphasizing stress relief, relaxation, and opportunities for positive youth development. Students may participate in athletics including: running, volleyball, basketball and soccer. Additional recreation and leisure activities are offered including: music, circuit training and aerobics, yoga, tai chi, meditation and qi’ gong, knitting, book club and arts and crafts.


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